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What We Are Doing At Advanced Technique to Keep You Safe:

Before coming to the clinic we will call you to confirm your appointment with us and ask you our covid pre-screening questions.

Upon your arrival at the clinic, our front door is locked to keep a minimum number of patients in the office for your safety. We ask that you call our office from your vehicle or come out and ring our doorbell.

We ask that masks are worn at all times in our office, only to be removed once you are seated in the operatory chair.

We will come out to greet you, give you hand sanitizer, take your temperature, and bring you into the waiting room.

Then you will be given a consent form to read over and sign, and have the opportunity to ask us any questions.

You will be escorted to the operatory by one of our denturist’s who are wearing full PPE (don’t worry, PPE must be changed between contact with different patients).

Once you are seated in the operatory, your denturist will ask you to remove your mask and ask that you use a mouth wash for 30 seconds that helps to reduce the microbes to lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

After any appointments our operatories are fully disinfected two times over.

As well we are constantly disinfecting any high contact areas.

We want everyone to be safe in our office and we appreciate your cooperation.

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